Ok so I missed blogging

As I sat around on Sunday planning and writing some of these blogs, it occurred to me, I MISSED blogging and keeping up with my blogging community.  I have been a very bad blogger as of late, bad at sitting around and typing stuff the does need to get typed up, like my story and my story's blog.  Which no one knows about because I haven't been advertising it yet.

So for the next month I am going to be insanely busy!!! I am going to be working on my garden on the cheap series blogs as I go about getting plants and finding shrubs to plant or transplant.   I am also going to be working on my Life Style Lift blog and I will be daily logging my meals and exercise programs into a weekly post blog that will come out on different days.  Then I am going to be typing up my story that I wrote last year and I finished the first rough draft now I just need to type up the second draft and begin editing.  That's all on top of all the work I have to do for my new job and my Fifth Avenue Collection Business.  This means I will be creating CHECKLISTS!!!!  I say that like that because I am a nerd and  I like checklists, I love checking things off my checklist to say that I have accomplished those things.  Yup NERD PRINCESS over here!!!

Plus I will blog about this journey, the journey to get back to myself to stop letting the little things stress me out!!!

Welcome aboard my journey!!!  Day three of blogs being posted, I only need to write up 7 more and I will be good for a week!!!  Sort of!!!


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