Gardening on the Cheap: Ch. 1 Finding Rocks

Since the vision I have for most of my flower beds is to build up rock borders or create rock gardens I am going to be in need of some heavy duty rocks.  Sometimes my creativity exceeds my ability and it makes projects a little difficult, but I will persevere and create the landscape in my yard that I envision and dream.  First step find some cheap rocks.

Ok I don't know how easy it is to find rocks, I mean in Saskatchewan I could probably just ask my friends that are farmers and pick rocks every farming season if they have any that I could have, but since I am trying to do this on the cheap, driving to Saskatchewan would make that more than I wish to spend.  So I have to think local, and locally I only know one person who has an acreage and I am not sure they have rocks they do not want, so I looked to Kijiji.

Ah Kijiji what a great site!!!  You can really find anything there, like anything.  I posted an ad in search of rocks for my rock garden and then I looked on the buy and sell category and found TWO adds for landscaping rocks.  One I am not sure about they might be small rocks, but the other was an ad for landscaping rocks, and they were landscaping rocks!!! I messaged both and I may have the start of my landscaping sooner than expected which is completely cool with me.

Next step on the agenda is to find out how to lay newspaper down so that weeds do not grow up?  Any ideas??


  1. You know, I never would've thought to search Kijiji rocks, since I figured...well, rocks are usually free. But landscaping rocks, I suppose, are a specialty kind of rock. Anyway, smart thinking. If you find any weird rock ads on Kijiji, send them over to my blog! We could use a laugh.


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