Poultry Show

I had a long weekend this past weekend.

There was a Poultry show in town and my friend Tamara and I were set up with our Fifth Avenue Collection selling our jewelry there.  It wasn't a bad weekend for Tamara but I didn't do to well, I just about covered the cost of the booth, but I had a few outside orders, that made up for the lack of sales at the Event.

Now about the event, I have an irrational fear of birds.  Their flapping wings and sharp claws and pointy beaks freak me out.  Yet I found myself at this show working, and eventually tuning out the loud caws of the birds.  It's amazing the amount of noise you can train yourself to block out after a period of time.

Did you know that their are a lot of varieties of Chickens, not just the brown egg chickens, white egg chickens and roosters?  Yup there are white chickens, brown chickens, golden chickens, black and white chickens, chickens with red heads on their heads and black bodies, and many more.  There were also pigeons at this show, and there are apparently hundreds of varieties of pigeons, and some of the top graded pigeons can sell for $15,000!!!!!  I was blown away,  because I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a street pigeon and a pet pigeon.

It was a very informative weekend, and I will take this information with me when I go to buy my acreage in the future and I am looking to stock up with chickens for laying eggs.  I don't think I will be showing them.  Although one little girl told me that silkies (really fluffy looking chickens) can be trained to be house pets and you can walk them on leashes?!?!?


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