Lil Man's Second Birthday

Some days it seems amazing to me that my Lil Man has been with us for 2 years now.  He is such a delightful little guy (contrary to what that crazy lady thought in Lacombe), his personality is becoming more and more developed each day.  He knows what he wants, he is stubborn, he is funny, he is caring, he is compassionate, he is very intelligent and he is ours.  We love him to bits!!!

So this year we just had a birthday party at the house.  His friends Mason, Gracie, Izzy and Parker all came over as well as Cohen and Caleb who are both little babies, I am sure they will be more active next year.  We did crafts with the kids first, for those kids who were big enough to participate, then we opened presents, then we had food and cake.

I made mummy hot dogs and pig and puppy cupcakes.  It was a lot of fun and thank you to Pinterest again for the great idea!!!  The cupcakes were super easy to make.

I made pumpkin cupcakes the same from Thanksgiving, then I made red and brown icing.  I iced the cupcakes and added marshmallows and cut up wafer cookies and chocolate chips.  They turned out fantastically!!!


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