Creamy Chicken Enchilada

Have I told you how much I love Pinterest???  I am seriously in love with that site, it has opened up the Internet to me in so many new ways that I am finding it hard to fit all my creative ideas into my days.  Seriously, I want to try everything I pin, but I struggle with finding time to do it all.  But I always find time for new recipes. 

While on Pinterest, this Chicken Enchilada recipe kept popping up, it was very popular, pinners were saying it was the best creamy chicken enchilada recipe around.  I never pinned it but I meant to, I just kept saying,"Oh, I'll pin that later," or, "I wonder how hard this recipe is?"  Then the other day I decided to answer one of the questions, I decided to click on the photo and check out the recipe.

It is an 8 ingredient recipe with 4 steps to it.  SIMPLE!!! And it is so tasty, if I wasn't on a diet I may have gorged myself on it.  So last night for supper I made the Chicken Enchilada recipe for my family, I began at 4:15 and finished at 5:30.  It took a bit longer but I will explain that too.

So here is what I did and the recipe broken into parts.

1) I cooked up 5 chicken breasts in water and oil and spices on the stove (I use garlic, salt, pepper and dill, but you can season your chicken to taste) I put everything into a deep frying pan and let it cook on medium for 30 minutes (the was the longest part)

2) I then prepared the stuff I needed for the rest of the meal while the chicken cooked. I made Spanish Rice again as a side.  I cut up Onions, had Hubby blend tomatoes and shred the Monterrey cheese then I checked the recipe again.
                                                          Part one of Recipe
                                                     2 cups Shredded Chicken
                                                     1 cup Monterrey Cheese
                                                     6-10 Wraps ( I used whole grain)

3) I took the chicken and shredded it, or pulled it apart with two forks.  You need two cups of chicken and a cup of Monterrey cheese which you mix together.  Then you spread this into the wraps and roll them up and put them into a baking pan.
                                                          Part two of Recipe
                                                     3 tbsp butter
                                                     3 tbsp flour
                                                     2 cups Chicken Broth
                                                     1 cup sour cream
                                                     1 can diced green chillies

 4) I then melted the butter in a sauce pan.  When that was melted I added in the flour and stirred until it was well mixed.  I then added my 2 cups of chicken broth and stirred until it was bubbly and thick.  Finally, I added the Sour Cream, which you led melt in and stir but don't let it boil or your sour cream may curdle (yuck).  You add in the green chillies as well. Stir then pour over wraps in baking dish.

5) The final step is to cover with cheese in the pan and bake.  I won't say how much to use, because I like a lot of cheese but Hubby doesn't like that much so add cheese to fit your taste.  Think a lasagna covering of cheese.  You then bake this dish at 350 degrees for 22 minutes then put it on Broil for 3 minutes.  Take it out and serve!!!

Such a yummy supper.  The reason it took me an hour and 45 minutes to prepare is not because it takes that long, but because I had to cook my rice as well which takes some time and I was making everything up from start. 

This would be a great recipe to use left over chicken or turkey.  All you would have to do would be to shred the left over meat add it to a wrap, prepare the sauce and bake. 

So if you want please make this recipe it is so great I LOVED it!!!


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