Christmas Balls

Welcome to another Pinterest Project Blog.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am in love with that site, but I am guessing you are starting to realize, especially if you are a regular reader of  my blog.

I am always looking for new ways to use old decorations, or decorate the house differently for Christmas.  I have a secret desire to have three to five separate themes for decorating my house at Christmas, in fact I kind of feel that way for all seasons.  What prevents me from doing it that now?  Well a few things, $$$ is a big one, sentimental reasons for another and third I am not always that creative, but I try.  While perusing Pinterest I noticed a pin of a person hanging the Ball Ornaments from string in front of their windows.  It peaked my interest then my friend Becky did it and I really liked how it looked so I looked into doing at the house.

I love Black Friday sales, and I went to Canadian tire and bought a few supplies.  It's simplicity to create window hanging balls.  All you need is string, and large Christmas balls and something to attach them to.

For a total of $15 I was able to make 12 Christmas hanging balls for my windows and they look great.  Now I have some ornaments that have not gone on the tree so I am going to make them into hanging balls as well to  hang around the house.  I love they way they look!!!!


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