Christmas Present for Hubby

I am very excited about one of the gifts I got my hubby for Christmas!!!  So very excited about it, I am sure he's going to love it.  If he doesn't then I am going to have to take him to the doctor to have him checked out, because he may be missing his heart !!!

I tweaked this idea from pinterest, of course!  I have turned off my creativity and just allowed Pinterest to be my new muse.   I am writing this blog quite early so it will be posted on the 23rd because then he won't know about it until after he opens his gifts on Christmas!!! But the pin idea I am talking about is where you organize 12 dates in a year, one for each month and you give them to your significant other.  These don't have to be expensive, it could just be a walk along the river bank, or picnic in the park at dusk, or you can spend money on it, it's really up to you and it is dependent on what you enjoy to do.  The pin on Pinterest had all the ideas in a little basket in separate envelopes which were cute.  I couldn't find the envelopes so I bought a calendar.  I circled the dates of the date if they had a specific date, or a group of dates or I left a note for him to pick the date.  I even wrote out cute little messages on each month, some were directed at places I would like to go with him and some were just love notes.

I think it will be a traditional gift that he will get because it is definitely something that will give all year long and beyond.  It's a wonderful present.  Here are some of the things we are going to be doing in 2012!!


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