Time is flying

Almost a year ago I was sitting in front of my computer contemplating what I was going to do with myself.  I had recently been engaged and knew I had a wedding to plan, but that was 23 months away.  I was 9 months pregnant and was going to have a little one to take care of but seriously what was I supposed to do to keep myself from going crazy.

I love to write so I thought I would start a blog.  Now with over 100 posts and a long break between my last posts I am sitting in front of a computer wondering where the hell all the time has gone.  I know friends have told me that the time would fly, yes Roxi you were right, and sometimes it did seem to fly but at other times t dragged on.  My expected baby is going to be one year old in less than a month.  My impending nuptials will take place in less than a year.  

I have started teaching again, leaving the social services field behind me.  I am enjoying my new job, and my new wage is much better than EI wages.  I am not broke for the first time in like a year.  It is so much nicer to be working.  I definitely need to get a permanent contract before the next baby comes or start working from home as soon as the baby is three weeks old because I can't afford to get broke like this again.

But I am in my thirties now, and I still have so much I wish to accomplish in my life.  I am seeing friends accomplish these things (Way to go Mireille on becoming published!!!) and I sit back and think why not me??  The simple answer to that is I often think of these things I want to accomplish but I don't but in a plan of action to work on them.  So for the next 12 months this is my promise to myself.  I will achieve one of my big bucket list items.  I will set up a plan of action that balances my life, between work, family and myself.  I will work on my blogs and my writing.  I will work on myself with my eating habits and exercise.  I will work on unifying my mixed family into a cohesive group.  I will set up goals and I will meet them because to be thirty now is to say I have a lot to offer to the world!!!


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