Rider Pride is World Wide

My sister and I went out for a quick trip to the liquor store before supper.  We were heading out to get a bottle of wine but we never expected to find the gem we discovered.  Walking to the back of the store where the white wines are kept in the cooler I saw a familiar symbol that made me take a second glance.  My jaw dropped, because I did not expect to see this symbol on a bottle of wine.  I called Courtney over and we both expressed our disbelief over this great find.  I convinced Courtney to buy a bottle and I am sure I will go back and buy a bottle.

So by the title of this post you can guess what symbol we saw on a bottle of wine.  It was the Rider S and you could even see a great picture of Mosaic Stadium.  The wine is from Chile, which further proves that Saskatchewan Roughrider Fans are found throughout the world.  Here are some pictures of this gem.

100% Rider Pride Product of Chile


  1. There was an article in the Star Phoenix yesterday about how valuable the Riders are in the CFL.
    Not only do they sell more merchandise than the other CFL teams combined they sell seats to games, the average attendance of a CFL game in other cities tend to increase by 2500 when the home team is playing the Riders.
    Also in the top 15 games aired on TSN 10 of those are Rider games. One Rider game this season broke all time viewers for TSN. A regular season Rider game rivals the viewers of NHL playoffs...this in the country of hockey!
    The Rider fans have been one of the most effective advertising campaigns of CFL. Seeing Rider fans at any and almost all sports events (ppl seem to be sporting green everywhere these days, not just football games)is spreading the CFL brand.
    Does this surprise you?? Saskatchewan people tend to be overly passionate about the things they believe in. Who were the loudest and rowdiest bunch in SADD?? Being a Rider fan is not about keeping up appearances. It's about having fun and keeping faith. We may be down on the scoreboard but most of us have caught on that that sometimes means nothing and we can come back and win it. Sometimes we don't but there's always next game!


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