Passions in Life

Do you ever take the road that easier, rather than taking the road that you know you will love??  I have been doing some self reflecting lately and trying to determine what it is that I love to do in life.  In some cases the answers were surprising in others, well they weren't necessarily surprising but more an affirmation.

I began selling Fifth Avenue Jewellery early this year.  I really do enjoy their jewellery and it seemed like an easy system for making some money.  In no way is having your own home based business easy, at least not in the beginning when you are getting started.  Home based businesses take work, they are work, but they can become work that is very beneficial to the person doing the business.  I do want to carry on with Fifth Avenue and I will get it going again, but I am now wondering why I didn't go with my first instinct in Home based businesses. It truly would have been a better choice for me, not for the money aspect, but simply because it lends itself to something that I thoroughly enjoy doing as a past time.  I do not find selling jewellery a fun past time. I love wearing jewellery but not as much as I love being creative.

For a long time I wanted to be an author when I grew up.  I am now grown up and I am not the author I had hoped to be, but I still have time and I am working towards that goal.  Again not as productively as I should be but it is there and it will be realized in the future. I enjoy creating worlds, and characters and creating visual displays for things.  It is something I am good at and it is something that I can quickly do when  I put my mind to it.

This is why I keep asking myself why didn't I become a Creative Memories Consultant instead.  I love scrapbooking and when I get going, man watch out the pages can't print fast enough to keep up with me.  Am I the best at it?  No maybe not yet but I have ideas and all the projects I have done with my Creative Memories digital programs have turned out better than I could have hoped for.  Even the traditional scrapbooks that I have created have turned out wonderfully, really come over and I will show you sometime.

The other thing that has clicked in with me is my love for creating videos with Windows Movie Maker.  It's a creative venture and I love it. Could I do something like that for money as a side job, most likely.  So now I am sitting here in a position of teaching with a Home Based Business on the sidelines waiting for me to start up again and what choices do I have to make.  I will continue to sell Fifth Avenue, but with my creative side wouldn't it be in my best interest to look into selling or becoming a Creative memories consultant??


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