Do you remember???

Well today is the 26th of October most of you are aware of this, but how many of you remember what you were doing on this day??  I remember, I remember every detail, every smell and every ache and poke I got on October 26th.  This year October 26th is a Tuesday, last year it was a Monday. 

Last year at 7:30 in the morning Adrian and I got Chan ready to head off to school on the bus for grade 6 and we headed to the hospital.  It was the day I was to be induced.  After checking in and getting all my wristbands AGAIN (on Friday I had been admitted because my blood pressure went through the roof) they took us to a room.  I had to share the room with another girl, we didn't talk to the girl, we actually had a good situation, I would be out of the room walking around and when I was in the room she would go out and walk around.

Yup this day last year started our final steps in the journey to having Little Man join our family.  No Little Man did not join us that day or the next and after two days in the hospital with nothing much to do I was sick and tired of being pregnant.  But it was interesting and now I have a great little addition to my family and I couldn't be happier!!!


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