Just a recap of September

September freakin flew by!!! I am astounded that it is October already!!  But with September flying by I have a recap to give.
1) I got a job teaching up in Ponoka!!!  It's a half time position but I can still sub so I am working quite a bit right now, or enough for me!!!
2) Little man now has four teeth.  The last one finally broke through on the last day of September.  His teething made this month a very long month.
3) Little man began walking a bit.  He takes a few steps, but hasn't gone to that stage of walking by himself. Crawling is still easier for him so that's what he reverts to!

We have had some good times in the yard.  We have harvested my garden and now we are preparing for halloween and winter.  Oh yeah and Little Man's first birthday!!  Here are some of the more entertaining photos from September!!


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