It's been a fun day!!

Today was a fun day!! We celebrated with all kinds of friends and family the first birthday of Little Man!! He did not nap all day until after his party so it was a precarious situation not knowing how he would react as the day got later and later.

To start off the day, we had a family breakfast together. Just the four of us.  As much as I would have loved to have had everyone over it was nice to just have the four of us at home.  Mr. (Uncle) Noodles then came over and Uncle Ty with his family which is when we left to head out to the birthday party.

We all went out to the Jungle Farm out by Innisfail, Alberta.  It is a U-Pick farm that has some extra activities to participate with. After paying for our entrances we all got on the tractor to head back to the activities. 

Upon arriving in the activities area we took Little Man to the animal feeding area.  Little Man really seemed to enjoy feeding the animals.  Then Little Man played in the bouncy ball pit.  He and his friend bounced on the bouncy balls with help from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts.  After we went back to see the Extreme Pumpkin carving. Our friends the Scheyen's carved their own pumpkin using some interesting tools (a skill saw and a router ;))  Afterwards we watched Richard launch three pumpkins with the pumpkin cannon.  It was like a super powered potato gun, it launched the pumpkins so far it was pretty cool!!

Then we rounded everyone up and headed back to barn to open presents and have cupcakes.  The cupcakes were made from scratch and I decorated them after getting some quick lessons from my friend Karlee and with Karlee's help as well!!  Little Man made out quite well and the cupcakes were a hit.  We then headed back to our house to finish visiting and have some supper.  Little Man was very tired and finally had a nap after leaving the farm and slept until almost 5:30.  We had supper with my family and Adrian's family and then we got a chance to relax.

Tired little man


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