Welcome back from Easter Break

It's been awhile since my last blog!! Not my longest break by any means, but a break none the less.  The last two weeks have been Easter Break in Red Deer.  The first week had the oldest son off and the second week the youngest was off.  I also had my nieces for the second week as they were off school as well. Needless to say this was a busy household and I was exhausted!!

I really don't know how people with lot's of kids do it!! I admire them, I mean I have three which is what I'd consider a do-able number.  Especially since there is an 11 year gap between my oldest and middle child.  So I really only have two children and a teenager, and my middle child, Lil Man, is becoming more and more independent each day so that leaves just the baby.

When my nieces were here they are 3 and 8 years younger than my oldest so they fit right in the middle of my kids.  I then had 5 kids from 16 to 10 months!! Scary thing is they could have all been mine with the age gaps.  I love my nieces but I'm so thankful I don't have 5 kids all the time.  It's exhausting!! How do you parents do it???

I suppose it's like anything, you get used to it, so then you aren't as exhausted as I am, and after awhile I'm sure things fall into a routine, but I'm sure you are exhausted by the end of the day and I don't blame you!! It also makes a difference that the youngest were off school the same time the nieces were here so there was a lot of what can we do, let's do something activities.  My personal parenting belief is that kids should be outside whenever they can be, for as long as possible! We have iPads, tablets, Netflix, Video Game consoles, but I like to keep those things for the weekend and not during the week.  I also think kids should earn those treats of screen time and it shouldn't just be something they do.  Not that giving your child screen time is lazy parenting, I've done it a time or too, but I would just rather they come up with other activities, and be active, burn off that energy as opposed to letting it build for the world's largest temper tantrum when you turn the screens off.  Or does this just happen in my house?

Well I'm back to blogging and I'm going to be doing a series of Beauty Blogs that I'm entitling Be-YOU-tiful!! They will be all about finding my beauty journey, inside and out.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been enjoying the journey!!


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