Friday Five: It's all in the Brand!!

Well today's Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney is all about Brands that we love.  I sort of struggle with this topic because as much as I appreciate brands, I am always looking for a deal and deals and brands aren't always synonymous with each other. So I am that girl that will buy the knock-off because it's that much cheaper, but there are a few brands I love and I can definitely say it has a lot to do with the marketing.  So here are 5 Brands I love!!

1) Anything Saskatchewan Roughrider!! I'm a prairie girl and I love me some CFL and I LOVE the Roughriders!! During the CFL season I bleed green!! This isn't a brand per se, but this company has invested a lot of marketing into it's brand and it's become a recognized name around the world.  I have found Saskatchewan Roughrider Wine from Chile.  Yeah it's made it's mark around the world!! So I love anything Saskatchewan Roughrider, if it's got the S Flag in it I probably want to buy it!

2) Nike.  I am a Nike girl through and through, have been since I was 14.  There is just something about their shoes and they way they fit my feet that I am beyond in love with!  I've tried other runners Saucony, which are great, but Nike runners are where it's at of this girl!

3) Apple! I've converted from a PC to an apple user. After getting my first iPhone and macbook I was hooked.  I love them.  Not so fond that some of my games aren't as easy to operate on the iOS but I've found loop holes and got love me some loop holes.  Who knows how long this love affair will last, but for now I'm on the Apple B(r)and wagon and you won't see me stepping down for anything!

4) Kate Spade! LOVE HER! I love her bags, her clothes, glasses everything! I love it and I love ebay for allowing me to be able to afford my Kate Spade obsession.  After my first work pay check I will be treating myself to a new Kate Spade purchase!! I love the durability and classic lines of Kate Spade's designs! I'm all about Classic looks!

5) Old Navy or Banana Republic.  Ok I've put these two together because even though they are separate brands they sister companies.  I love Old Navy for my casual wear and jeans, but I love Banana Republic for my grown up business attire, I especially love Banana Republic Factory Outlet stores!! Banana Republic has these great trouser jeans that I adore.  I must own like 4 pairs of the same jean!! They fit me like a dream and look amazing on me so how could I not.  But I love Old Navy for their classic cut jeans and for their casual tops and even their workout gear is cool!  So if you ever see me out shopping it will likely be at one of these two stores.

What are five brands you love?


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