I'm losing it!!

I'm seriously losing it!! Now not everything is telling me that I'm losing it, but the most important indicator is saying I'm losing it and that's what's important!

I feel conflicted by this news, I mean for years I've depended on the balance to let me know where I was and now I can't count on that, everything is off balance and nothing is being correctly indicated in that area. Now I've found a new way to test and it's almost compulsive the way I use this tool to check what I've lost, but at the end of the day I'm losing it!!

Now any of you who read my blog on a regular, semi regular basis probably have guessed to what I'm referring or are least know that it's not my mind (let's be honest I lost that a long time ago).  I'm talking about my journey to physical health and I'm getting there and losing the unwanted extras that have attached themselves to my body.

The SCALE, that horrible thing that rates how your body responds to the gravity on the earth is a horrible liar!! It keeps saying I'm gaining and not losing at all, so I am done with that thing!! I hate it!! (But to be honest, I'll probably still go check it once a month to check if I'm losing any weight, but it's not my big indicator of what's going on not anymore, because it is a liar)

No I am losing inches.  In the last 8 weeks I have lost a total of 32 inches.  Now this is from an all over body measuring total, my body was a scary 370 inches when I started, measuring my neck, chest (2 areas) waist (2 areas), hips, legs (2 areas) and biceps.  And today after my measuring I am down 32 inches, that used to be my band size, it's not right now but I'll get back there. To break it down more I have lost 3 inches at the smallest part of my waist, 3 inches across my belly button and 1 inch across my hips.  I've also lost 1.5 inches under the arms and above the chest, but I've lost 5 inches across my nipple line.  I'm so happy with these results and yeah to not nursing anymore!!

So I'm on my way, I'm seeing a difference and I have 18 inches to go to be at my goal measuring at this rate I should hit that before I'm back to work full time.  It will be nice to be able to fit into my clothes for work again and actually wear clothes that aren't just yoga pants. Nothing against yoga pants but I like to dress up for work and right now that wardrobe does not fit and I need it to fit!!


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