Be-YOu-tiful: Hair 101

I'm going to do a few blogs on things that contribute to outward beauty.  I think beauty is a package deal, inside and out, so your outside has to match your inside and sometimes, just sometimes the outside is easier to understand than the inside so let's start easy.  Let's talk about finding your Hair.

Wait, wait, I know it's on top of your head (yes I have voices of my friends making smart ass comments like that, so I answer those voices in this blog).  What I mean is how do you find the hair style that goes with your personality.  In my life I've had many different hair styles, and hair colours.  Any time I've changed my hair I've loved it (I love change, I thrive on it) but there are some hair styles that I like more than others.

Here I had long blond hair for my wedding, it was great!! I am pretty proficient at doing various up does and it always allowed me to have different styles. Funny tidbit, I didn't think my hair was that long when it was this length but it was very long!!

Here I had my shortest hair ever and it was a brown with highlights.  I really liked this hair style because it was super easy to do, I would literally just wake up, run my fingers through my hair and it was good to go.  My hair has volume in it so that made it easy.  It's just growing it out from this length sucks there are so many in between lengths that are no fun to get through!

Here I have long hair and I went a deep auburn colour. This colour definitely makes my eyes pop and I loved it!! But I'm not a fan of all one colour for my hair, I like to have tones and highlights.  Yeah I'm picky that way

Here I have short blond hair in and angle cut. It was probably one of my favourite hair styles. It was still long enough to put in a pony tail, and it was off my shoulders and felt so light and nice.  I really loved this hair style!!

But this is my favourite hair style and cut.  It's just past my shoulders to the mid of my back when straight but it curled really nicely and it was a nice caramel colour with blond peek a boo high lights. I Loved this style and this is the one I want to get back to.  Plus it's easy to maintain and easy to style.

So as you can see I've gone through a multitude of hair styles and I've loved every one of them!! There are styles I've loved more than others.  I'm not the biggest fan of the really blond short hair, it was fun but it wasn't my favourite.  I didn't feel my best with that hair, but the caramel with blond that's the style I loved and felt my best with!  I have four more inches to go and I should be at the right length then it's just a matter of getting the cut right!!

One thing I've learned is that I need to take care of my hair.  I personally don't wash it every day, I've been blessed with great hair, it holds curl and it straightens well, it doesn't get too greasy EVER, so I wash it two to three times a week, like every third day or so.  There are certain times of the year when I have to wash it more, especially during marathon training, but I like to let the natural oils condition my hair to help keep it healthy and it does.  I also use Moroccan Oil on my hair once a week.  My hair can get dry so using the Moroccan oil helps it stay healthy.  I also try not to use heated tools on my hair too often. If I straighten it one day I won't straighten it or curl it until after I've washed it again.

I think it's very important that you find a hairstyle that fits your personality. Once you have that it bolsters your confidence in such away that it's impossible not to feel amazing.  It's why we love going to the hairdressers ( and for the shampooing and scalp massage) because when we leave we feel amazing, even if we know we will never be able to do the hairstyle we left with!!

So what is your favourite hair style?  DO you have a colour you prefer? Who is your hair role Model?


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