Happy Birthday to ME

So this year on March 8th I had another birthday, surprised I was not it comes every year, but it was less then eventful this year again.  Yet this year again, I missed Chan’s soccer final, so next year I have to be there, no matter what!!
            I didn’t work on my birthday, I enjoy not working on my birthday and if you are able to I suggest that you not work on your birthday, it’s very nice!! For my day off I just hung out and then went for lunch with the girls from work.  I am still in love with my job, which is such a weird thing to say, even if I do have periods of less productivity, I am happy to go to work everyday and I am happy to be at work.  For years, I mean really since I was working at the Bakery, I haven’t felt this way about any job that was on my career path.  I’ve enjoyed my waitressing jobs, but they were just tide me over jobs, they were not jobs I was going to have forever.  This is a career for me and I am happy to have this as my career.  But this isn’t even what I’m supposed to be writing about, sorry for the side bar.
            My bestie Estelle called me up at the beginning of the week to see if I would be interested in going to the Brier to watch a game with her and her husband.  Adrian and I decided that going to the Brier would be a fun trip for us, so Estelle booked a hotel room in Edmonton and Adrian and I travelled to Edmonton to meet them.  I enjoy curling but I had never been to a brier or the Scotty’s, so this was a new experience for me, and Adrian too I presume. 
            We went to the Semi Final game with Brad Gusshue.  It was a great game, Estelle is in love with Brad, or Bradley as she calls him.  She went down in the third to take a picture of Brad, and Brad noticed so asked if she wanted a picture with him and she said of course so he told her to come back at the end of the fourth and he would take a picture with her.  Estelle was ecstatic, like over the moon, and at the end of the Fourth, Brad came down, looked for Estelle and called her down to have her picture taken with him.  I think this was as good as Estelle’s birthday for her, she was so happy. To bad he started to lose after this occurred.  Estelle’s husband, said that she was the reason he ended up losing the game, Estelle disagrees, but Brad ended up losing. (insert sad face here)
            After the match we headed over to the Patch and spent the night drinking and dancing.  It was a lot of fun, Estelle was in Curling celebrity heaven taking pictures with every skip she found.  I had to be her photographer. 
            All in all it was a good night, really any night I get to hang out with my bestie is a good night, but I truly did have a great time.  I am looking forward to my next girls night out, I need to arrange them more often.


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