Car Wreck

So as I was being driven home from my night out with the girls, Lily and I were talking about her new job.  She had just been hired to work for the Kipp Scott group as a Car Salesperson.  She is a very personable lady so I could see her doing very well in that role.  As we turned onto 76 street and approached my house, I noticed something really weird.  I could see through my car, I could see the backseat clearly.
            This may not seem like it should be a weird thing, but my Explorer has very tinted back windows so to be able to clearly see that my interior is beige seemed odd.  At first I thought someone had broken into my car and stolen my Easter Gifts for the kids, I was pissed but it was a, ‘oh well, it was only $40 worth of stuff”.  As we got closer I gasped, audibly gasped and said, ”What the hell is wrong with my car?!”
            Lily pulled up to the curb and I got out, my car was wrecked!! It had been hit! And hit hard, it had been pushed up the street, ten feet and the whole left rear side was caved in.  I was FURIOUS!!! I called 9-1-1 and then I called my hubby, he was mad as well, he’d heard the crash but when he looked out he couldn’t see the car so he didn’t think anything of it. When he saw the damage he knew exactly who had hit the car, one of our neighbours. 
They hadn’t left a note or anything, we waited for the police and told the responding office everything, but because this occurred on Good Friday no one was going to do anything until Monday or Tuesday.  The police took our statements and then drove around the block to see if he could find the culprit (my husband had already found the truck, but the police don’t work like they do on CSI). 
Saturday morning I got up and decided to walk the neighbourhood with my camera, just in case I came across the truck that hit me, and what do you know just down the block and around the corner on Norby I found the truck.  It was a company truck, and it even had a phone number on it, so I snapped some pictures, noted some paint transfer and was willing to submit the rest to the police and my insurance. 
Later the next day we had a good Samaritan stop by and explained that he had witnessed the whole incident. This big black dually truck  had turned the corner going very fast and had smacked right into the Explorer, then backed up and took off down the street.  A couple hours later, we had another knock on the door, when I answered the door, a young kid stood in my doorway.  He explained that he had hit the Explorer last night, hadn’t meant to leave the scene but that he’d just put new tires and he took the corner to wide, plus he suffered from migraines, so he wasn’t drinking and driving, just not feeling well and he was really sorry.
I’m probably more forgiving then my hubby, but even to me, his story stunk, of please don’t call it in that I was impaired.  Now since he was sober when he came by we couldn’t do anything but I am pretty sure, he was drunk when he hit my Explorer.  For three weeks I was without a vehicle, lucky for my insurance company I spent a week in Mexico and a week in Vegas!!


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