I enjoy Easter, but mostly only as a family holiday, the Easter eggs and Easter Bunny and those things are often forgotten by me, much like that silly Tooth Fairy.  (Just ask Chandler about my track record with the Tooth Fairy).  So this year my mom came to Red Deer for Easter.  She stayed with me until Saturday then she went to my brothers for a few days.  My brother was also hosting Easter Supper at his house. 
            This Easter was a great little family get together. We went to my brothers at noon and had Turkey and potatoes and fixings.  Then we played games and visited.  Nelson even set up an Easter Egg hunt for the Lil Man, and was LilMan ever excited about his Easter gifts. There were chocolates and Play dough eggs for him to fully enjoy. 
            The whole family played Settlers of Cataan.  I really like this game, but I have yet to win it against my brother or Rhiannon.  They play it more frequently and have better luck with the dice.  It was still a fun game and it took hours to play. 
            I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as I did.  It was the first indicator of spring that Easter Sunday, so nice and the snow was all melting. Lil Man did his first set of puddle jumping that day.


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