Girls Night Out Friday March 29th

I don’t usually go out, at least not anymore, it’s just not really my first choice.  I can’t say that it’s not my thing because I do enjoy going out and dancing and having a good time.  But I also like staying home with a couple drinks and playing games and visiting just as much.  So on Good Friday when Stacey came over and asked if I wanted to go out, I decided that it sounded like an ok idea.
            So after a bottle of wine at my house, Lily came by and picked us up, so us three girls went out on the town.  We bar hopped, and Lily was our designated driver.  We started out at Canadian Brewhouse, went to Bellinis, Billy Bob’s, and then finally to Chef’s in Sylvan.
            Our first stop at Canadian Brewhouse was the busiest venue we saw all night.  It’s a sports lounge though, so it was loud and there was no room for dancing.  After one drink, we left to hit up a dance club.
            Bellini’s and Billy Bob’s are right next door to each other in the Sheraton in Red Deer. We tried Bellini’s first as it usually plays top 40 style music, but it was empty. Not so empty that the crickets were the only one’s making noise, but empty enough that we were the liveliest group around, if you don’t count the two girls making out on the dance floor.  There was a very weird vibe in that place that night so we left quickly.  Billy Bob’s is the country bar, it was busy and there was definitely a good time vibe flowing through the place.  We stayed for a couple dances and then Stacey and Lily wanted to go try Sylvan. 
            I was up for anything so I tagged along.  We went to Chef’s in Sylvan, which I had never been too before, but I heard plenty of stories from events at Chef’s.  It was like travelling back in time to when I was 19 and partying in Prince Albert.  That’s the vibe you get, small city bar, where everyone knows everyone somehow.  And here  I was big city girl (not really but in this situation yes) a fish out of water.  I was initially so shocked to feel like I was back in a place like Uncle Charlies or That Bar from Prince Albert that I think my mouth was gaping open like a fish.  Then I got into the groove of being there and things settled down. We danced had some drinks, and just like back in my Prince Albert Days, some drunk ass chick wanted to pick a fight with one of my friends.
            Lily and I were sitting around after dancing finishing our waters when some dude came up to Lily.  He starts to engage her in conversation and Lily being a friendly person answered him, when Drunky Mctrain-wreck came up and started yelling at Lily.  She was belligerent and wasn’t making sense, but was accusing Lily of making eyes at this guy all night.  Lily just said whatever and Drunky pulled her man away.  Then he came up to Lily a second time and asked for her name Lily puts out her hand and goes to shake the guys hand and Drunky comes up and yells in Lily’s ear, you touch him and we will have a problem.  Lily was sitting on a stool at this point, but when she heard this she spun around and stood up, she was no standing over Drunky.  Drunky back off a bit realizing that she was out matched but she kept screaming at her man telling him, she couldn’t believe he was going after Lily when he had her.  His friends had gathered around and were laughing at the spectacle she was causing.  They finally left, and we left as well as the ugly lights had come on, and well there was not a lot at which to look. 
            Lily and I walked to the car and picked Stacey up in the front, Drunky and her man were stumbling across the street.  As they had invited us to a party, we decided to play with them for a bit and asked where the party was, we even offered a ride, but Drunky got self righteous and started making ignorant comments so Lily told her that her fat ass would not fit in her car and that she was too ugly to hang out with.  It was funny, and the comments were much better zingers than that, had I been smart I would have wrote them down then. 
            All in all it was a good night and I am glad it happened, but what happened next, well that sort of sucked.  That’s in the next blog.

Happy Memorial Day American Readers!!!


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