Week 12 52 Week Photo Challenge Black and White

Just east and north of down town Red Deer you will find Kerry Wood Nature Center and just south of that is my office.  Week Twelve’s theme was black and white.  Everywhere I looked there was white, white and more white, but do you think  could find black, not so much. However, I love editing, and changing photos to black and white is probably one of the easiest edits to do, at least now.  While I was training a new supervisor I noticed movement outside my office window. Now as cars drive by my office window to park at the school or for our office, this isn’t unusually, but this movement was loping.  So I did a double take and saw a huge moose outside.  In the middle of the city there was a 6 and ½ foot moose!! 
            This is actually less unusually then one might think since Red Deer is very much a parks city and the river is a natural
travel route for many animals, but I had never been that close to a moose before so I took a couple shots and one of them I edited to black and white and that was my picture.


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