Disaster has STRUCK!!! HELP ME!!

OMG it is a disaster!!! A horribly, terrible, irreparable travesty!!!  I have lost something incredibly dear to my heart!!!  My desire to write has left me!  It's lost, gone, disappeared from existence.  I am now tail spinning into a dark funk, one of which I am scared I will be sucked into never to return again.

Yesterday, last weekend and many days last week, over the last three weeks really, I opened Internet Explorer and loaded my Blogger Dashboard and quickly returned to Facebook, or Twitter or Pinterest, you know whichever website was also open on my desktop.  I had nothing to write, I wanted to write, but deep inside me buried under all kinds of other feelings was a desire to write, but my mind and my hands would not cooperate.  I would have loved to have written anything, about an outing to a park with my son, my reviews of some of the shows I watched, my ideas of survivor, even a fictional piece would have been ok, but I could not get any words out onto the keyboard.

This is a horrible situation.  HORRIBLE!!!  Why is it horrible, well I am sure some of you can guess, but here let me state the obvious.  I LOVE writing, LOVE it!!! But the desire to group words together into sentences that would create a paragraph that would formulate itself into a blog or essay had left me.

It gets worse!! How could it possibly get worse?  But it gets worse.... I didn't even want to read!!  Not wanting to read for me is equivalent to not breathing.  I live to read, I read to live, breathing is just something I tolerate because it doesn't interfere with my reading.  This must be what dying feels like.

So now both my passions have left me and I am stuck in limbo, purgatory.  I want to get out but I don't know how to get out, I left my map at home, can someone, anyone please help me!!!

Give me a challenge, give me an idea, anything, something.... I need to get my passion back.


  1. Try a new hobby and blog about it.
    Sounds like your in a funk. Stir it up. Shake it up.


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