A new Ride, the Big Brother Roller Coaster

It has been awhile since I last posted any Big Brother updates, and that is because the show took me on a roller coaster of disbelief and anger.

From Season 11, I have been a Jordan and Jeff fan and when they came back this season I got right back on board cheering for them.  I have friends that think Jeff is arrogant and they feel he thinks everyone should just bow down to him, but I don't see that.  I see him as someone who is confident in who he is, and he may not always be right but he's not afraid to stand up for his beliefs regardless.  Jordan is just too cute, she is a naive, and maybe a little, I don't want to say dumb, but she is not always on the same page of reality that everyone else is.  But I still love her, she makes me laugh and she seems like a genuine character, I do believe that the way she behaves in the house would be the same behaviour you see when you see her in her hometown.  In Season 12, I took to liking Rachel, there was her arrogant behaviour and her in your face  attitude, but every once in awhile she would let her guard down and you would catch a glimpse of who Rachel truly was.  I liked her and I took much offence to Regan and Britt's attacks on her character, I felt that they couldn't see that Rachel in the game was not who Rachel really was.  But I am sure being in that pressure cooker that is the Big Brother House it is hard to know who is real and who is playing a character.

So a couple weeks ago, there was a double eviction, Jeff had been HOH and put up Dani for eviction.  Before Dani was evicted, Julie told the HG that there would be a double eviction tonight.  Dani had been campaigning hard to stay in the house, she had convinced Shelley to flip and was working on Adam.  She told Adam everything she could to get him to flip, that her dad would hate him if he didn't vote for her to stay, that she would work with him and sell out Kalia and Porsche.  All these "promises" were in vain as Adam didn't switch and you did not see the half of the pleading that Dani did towards Adam hoping to have him switch his alliance.

Jeff found out that Shelley was flipping and he was ANGRY, very angry, he called her out, and there were scenes that even the live feeders didn't see, but Shelley actually sold herself out when talking with Jeff because she was so afraid someone would prove her to be a liar.  And even when she was caught in her lies, she didn't fess up to her game plan.  It created a lot of Hate for Shelley Moore and it was not a good week to be in Shelley Moore's family or life. 

Kalia won the HOH battle for the double eviction and nominated Jeff and Rachel.  There was  a clown shoe competition in a ball pit it was a very physical competition and Jeff had an advantage being the most fit man in the house, but I think his physicality worked against him, as he was over zealous and through one of his yellow clown shoes out of his bin.  It was a sad day for Jeff fans, because you could tell Kalia and Porsche were gunning for him.  Adam and Jordan voted to save Jeff, but Shelley switched and voted Jeff out.  Jeff was quite upset by this, and his interview with Julie was something to watch.  He calmed down and knew it was a game move, which I am sure he respected but that doesn't mean he liked it.

There was a big blow up between Jordan and Shelley afterwards, Jordan was upset, she had just lost Jeff and the betrayal of Shelley was  a big sting because Jordan trusts people and really felt like she had a connection with Shelley.  She didn't know how far the betrayal went back but she was questioning whether it went back to the beginning. Shelley was eavesdropping on Jordan and then came into the purple room and wanted to talk to Jordan. Jordan didn't want to talk to her, but I am sure once Jordan calmed down she would have talked to Shelley, which she did the next day, but as Shelley wouldn't leave her alone, Jordan lost her top, she yelled at Shelley, dropped the f bomb and let her anger lead her actions.  Rachel, of all people, had to be the voice of reason and pulled Jordan away and into the Candy room. 

There was a lot of vet bashing by the Newbies who felt like they were in complete control.  The talked about how Jordan was crying, when just last week if Kalia wasn't sleeping she was crying, and Rachel was crying and how they would just pick them off one by one.  Bring on the HOH competition.

The HOH competition showed us a side of Shelley we had never seen, she made some hideous snake tongue face when she lost her ball off the snake, clearly she was taunting Jordan.  She cheered very loudly and in Jordan's face for Porsche, making it known to Jordan that Shelley did not want anything else to do with Jordan or Rachel.  Jordan was upset and not in her game, she ended up losing to Porsche and her and Rachel knew they were going on the block.  Jordan and Rachel didn't even bother campaigning to Porsche before nominations because they knew they were going up.  Porsche pretended that she was upset by this, but all the time she didn't want to talk to Rachel and Jordan, she just wanted them to go home.  Then Porsche decided to be greedy and opened Pandora's box.  She gets my vote for the second stupidest move in BB13, Kalia getting the first when she nominated her own alliance when she didn't have the numbers to keep him.  Porsche and Kalia needed Dani to tell them how to play the game because they are not competent without her, I mean it's obvious right??  So the duo twist was released on the house.

Jordan and Rachel offered Kalia and Porsche a final four deal, before the POV, but Kalia and Porsche didn't take them up on it.  So I don't think the deal ever existed.  Rachel won the POV and took her and Jordan off the block, then Adam and Shelley went on the block.  We saw a lot of the campaigning Shelley did, but what we didn't see was the deal Adam struck up with Jordan to work with her and Rachel to final three.  Jordan can talk a lot of game and she works the scenarios well, and she made a decision to keep Adam over Shelley because they trusted Adam more.  They had a whole guise set up to fool the rest of the house and it worked well.  In this time we said farewell to Shelley!!!

She was voted out on a 2-1 vote, Kalia voted out Adam, which ruined her alliance with him.  That was Jordan and Rachel making that decision as well. 

Rachel then won the HOH challenge.  She and Jordan worked out what they would do, they put their trust in Adam hoping he would not go against  them in the end.  Rachel nominated Porsche and Kalia.  And now we are up to date. 

Oh yes Rachel opened Pandora's box and unleashed a luxury competition on the house, and she got stuck with MR. Pectacular.  It was a funny episode and I enjoyed that Rachel's Pandora's Box did not screw up her game with Jordan.  I am cheering these two to the end.  No one else deserves to win.


Ok here is what I know will happen on the next episode.  Adam wins the POV and he does not use it on Porshce or Kalia, even though they practically beg him.  Kalia uses all Dani's lines on Adam, they didn't work the first time so why she thinks parroting what Dani has already said would work, is really funny.

Before the POV Adam gives Jordan Fara's (his girlfriend) necklace, to keep as a token of his loyalty.  He told her that he won't use the POV and the necklace is that guarantee.  Adam continued to listen to Porsche and Kalia's pleas, but he did not use the POV. 

The house guests found out there was an early eviction, and that Tuesday they would evict another house guest.  Kalia cried and slept in her room.  She says she doesn't respect Adam's game play because he isn't making moves.  Adam says he's making moves, but he is making moves he thinks will help him.  He isn't doing much but he is sticking with his alliance that he made with Jeff, even though Jeff is not here, and Jordan is all that is left.

They cut the live feeds so we can't see who got evicted and we don't know who won HOH.  But according to some of the feeds online and twitter, Kalia was evicted *shocker* and Adam won HOH *SHOCKER*

So now we will see what happens tonight!!!  The  season is a week away from ending and it has gotten interesting!!!  Can't wait to see the Jury house reaction to Shelley coming in!!!  Wish they had cameras there as well.


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