It's a Wrap!!

Big Brother Season 13 has come to an End!! An exciting, thrilling, pee my pants end!! Rachel won the first part of the final HOH and then Porsche won the second part, then Rachel and Porsche went head to head and Rachel pulled out the win!!!


Then we had some jury questions and the jury voted, it was a 4-3 win for Rachel.  I thought it should have been a 5-2, but Adam went and threw his vote away.  Adam became a horrible player in the end.  He said he wouldn't have felt right to be sitting at the end if he didn't win, and he didn't so he should have voted for the person who played the best game which was Rachel through and through.  Even Dani voting for Porsche, was a totally popularity vote, Rachel played a better game hands down, and deserved the votes, but because Dani didn't like Rachel, she didn't vote for her.  Poor pissy pants Dani Donato.  She is a terrible sport!!

I was thrilled when Rachel won, and I was thrilled when Jeff won America's choice!!!  Jeff is always a fan favorite, even if not everyone agrees.  Jeff helped shaped that game and it would have been even more exciting if Dani could have held on to her panties and not gotten all worked up about evicting Jeff week three.  What an idiotic move, she could have tried the next week, and had been sitting pretty with her little minions because she won the HOH.  Oh well Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.... people would have hated Dani then, even more than they already do.

So that concludes this years Big Brother blogs, since it's been picked up for another season, stay tuned to find out what happens in Big Brother 14!!!


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