Tuesday Tribute: Jeff Mullan

I want to tell the world about an amazing man! A man who changed lives and lived a life full of love and excitement.  He was truly a genuine person and it is a shame not everyone got to meet him.  But he lived a life that really encompassed the song Humble and Kind.  He didn't do anything for glory or recognition, he did it because it was the right thing to do and he spread happiness like a flame.

Jeff Mullan was an east coaster through and through, he could spot another Bluenoser anywhere he went.  It's like the Saskatchewan phenomena of always knowing another Flatlander when you go out but Jeff's ability to pick out Bluenosers was almost like a sixth sense.  And East coast people have a special affinity for making people feel at ease in their presence, Jeff was no exception.

I could go through a litany of all the great things in Jeff's life, but I honestly only knew him for the short time he was in my soul sisters life.  I sometimes think Estelle dreamed him into existence, no joke.  Estelle always knew what she wanted in a partner.  She wanted a man who wasn't afraid to show affection at home, or in public places.  She loved demonstrations of love, be that in love notes or by holding her hand or even verbally admitting his love for her to people.  Estelle wanted a man who could be handy around the house, but who also enjoyed to spend quality time together doing mundane chores like the dishes or watching tv. Estelle loves to dance and wanted a man who would dance in her kitchen with her or living room or porch, whenever their song came on.  Estelle want a man who would choose her, choose her, choose her.  But she also wanted man who would embrace her already made family, who would show her girls the type of man they needed to find, a man who would not only love but would respect them.  Estelle always told me this and then when she met Jeff, I swear she dreamed him into being true, because he was EVERYTHING she wanted.

They did so many things together, travelling, buying a house, merging their families they really did pack a lifetime of memories into their short time together.  And because Jeff was so genuine there are so many stories of his humour, laugh and just going that extra mile.  He was an amazing individual.

Here are some posts from Facebook that showed up on Jeff's wall after his passing that really demonstrate the type of man he was!

 lost for words other then that was Jeff. So young man still can't believe it. And like I said I never stayed in touch so I can imagine how people like Steven Stewart his right hand man is feeling. Just typing and thinking I lost focus. I guess what I'm saying is I apologize to anyone I've done wrong to and hope to stay in touch with people I've just talked to in past day who I never talked to in years. Jeff man you were the best when we were younger and you'll be missed by all. Thanks Ant Dale I've been playing that song over and over and having a beer for Jeff. Rip buddy

It is strange how memories pop into your head when you hear about the sudden loss of an old friend. Although we haven't spent time together in a long time due to geography, there were some great times shared starting 30 years ago. Shooting archery in your driveway with little concern about the fact that we didn't know how, nor that we were aiming at your parents' house. Finding a tube of your mother's instant tanning cream and trying it out. My hands were bright orange for a week.
I remember how you always stood up for your little sister, Danielle Mullan-Allen. I remember how you were always up for anything if it sounded like fun. I don't remember ever seeing you without a smile on your face.
Recently, via Facebook, I have noticed a common theme in your posts. It has been clear that you have been in an amazing place in your life. You had a job that you loved! You had found a special woman! You were loved by your family and children ... biological and otherwise. You were living the life that many people dream about.
So, last night, when I saw a post from a mutual friend that said you were gone, I was floored. Looking at the hundreds of posts people have been posting on your wall, it's clear that my opinion isn't unique. Jeff Mullan, you touched the hearts of many people. And, you are one of the few people that I have ever known that I can't think of anything bad about. When I think about your name, I remember having fun ... things we did as kids might not have been smart, but they were fun!!!
My heart goes out to Danielle Mullan-AllenJoan Dunlop-Mullan, Terry Mullan, Natasha Weaver MullanHannah MullanEstelle May Krawec, and everyone else who will miss you and remember what a great guy you have been.
We we lost one of the good guys. RIP Jeff.

Jeff Mullan..u are so loved in this world. Still in shock but bravo to all family and friends for sharing all great photos and awesome stories of you. Give my brother a big hug for me and my family. U were diffently one of kind. #greatguy#greatdad#justplangreat

This one really got to me:
Havana Krawec feeling heartbroken with Estelle May Krawec.
Jeff Mullan had asked me since November to design him a tattoo he could turn into a half sleeve. Now that I have finally finished his tattoo I dedicate this to him. He was an amazing person, father, boyfriend and friend. He made my whole family so happy with his endless laughter and corny high jinks. Though not many know and he didn't know either, I asked for adoption papers. I had wished that I could have him sign them before our time together was up. Though our time was short, he was an amazing role model to not only me but to my little sister Reinna. I loved Jeff, and I wish I could have said that I did before I had to say goodbye. You were an amazing father figure to me. Thank you Jeff for making my mom so happy in the time that you were here. I'll miss you so much Jeff, I love you I'll see you soon.

Jeff loved so many people, his family, his friends, his coworkers and he was loved by so many!
It was undeniable the amount of love Jeff felt for his family, he was truly a family man, but the other undeniable part of Jeff's love was the love he gave to Estelle's three children and Estelle.  Estelle and Jeff were soul mates and anyone who was lucky enough to hang out with them could see it.  Jeff loved Estelle's girls like a father and included them in everything.  Here is a post from Estelle that came up last Valentine's Day:
Having memories come up on Facebook is hard every day and most I will not share.. however this one speaks volumes of the man Jeff Mullan was. Xo
 steps up to that task each and every day. And last night when he pulled out Valentine's Day gifts and Havana Krawec says great now mom is going to cry and he then handed her one of the gifts I did almost cry. I love the fact that he includes them in our every day and I am thankful for who he is. Have a great long weekend and a wonderful day of love!!

In so many ways Jeff has touched our lives and continues to touch our lives.  The picture below is one of Jeff's dog Maggie attacking a pig that came to visit.  His humour was contagious.
 I made a vow the day of Jeff's Memorial service and I plan to honour that vow, to honour Jeff.  I am going to live my life spreading happiness, being genuine and loving unconditionally as Jeff did, because for me Jeff's legacy is a legacy of love and there need to be more people like him in this world. The world is a sadder place because Jeff is no longer here.  But he is here, he is with Estelle and his loved ones encircling them with his never-ending love!

 Jeff Mullan
Father, Son, Soul Mate, Friend, Brother
Taken to soon
March 2, 1976 - February 2, 2017


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