Friday Five: Five Ways to Spice up Date night

I was originally going to have this post come out for the Friday before Valentine's Day but things happened as you can see from my posts this week so this is coming out just before my 9th anniversary with my husband. That's a long time man, but it's been good and I am happy to continue choosing this adventure with him.

So I have teamed up with Turo to come up with some ways to make Date Night more memorable!!

So Here are Five ways I think you can add a little spice to Date night.

1) Written love notes.  I love written love notes, finding messages scrawled on my white board or on post its just brightens up any day.  I feel that love notes have become something that is considered antiquated but they can help set the tone for the whole day leading up to date night. They can be little posts it proclaiming your love for the other person or your excitement to go on this date with them.  But including written love notes in your date will definitely spice things up.

2) Sending a bouquet to their work. A bouquet can be anything, flowers, lilies are my favourite and I think things other than roses sends the message that you think outside the box.  I also think a bouquet could be chocolates or fruit.  Fruit bouquets are my favourite and love the chocolate covered strawberries and pineapples so if I got a little bouquet like that at work, I'd be super pumped for date night.

3) Pick a location that will allow you to have a conversation. The art of conversation is how we get to know each other, and make a rule that the cell phones get left in the car.  If there is an emergency at home, leave the restaurant name that you will be at but leave the meal time free for you and your date to focus on each other. Depending on what your preferences are pick a location that suits those needs, maybe it's not a restaurant but a picnic meal in a quiet park with a fire to snuggle by with a cozy blanket.  In this case maybe leave the phones on the car but not within arms reach.  Spending time with date and making them feel like they are the most important thing of the evening will go along way in making the date memorable.

4) Rent a special Car for the night.  I'm not talking a limo, but hey if that's what you want you can do that, I'm talking about renting a special car for the two of you, from a peer car rental site like Turo.  It's super easy and up and coming so you can check your local area for a car to rent.  But you can totally spice up date night but showing up in a luxury vehicle that is maybe one of your dates favourites, or even your favourite. Generally the cars are reasonably priced and owners will sometimes offer to deliver.  Spend part of the night driving around or to a special location enjoying living in luxury during this date.

5) For that extra special night pick something extra special to do. Since I'm writing this around my anniversary, my thoughts are going back to what I'd like for an anniversary date (If my husband reads this he has four days to plan something amazing!! Keep these ideas for next year honey) not just a regular date, but you could incorporate any of these ideas into a regular date.  But it's a great idea to end the night on something that you don't usually get to do, something like a concert, a play/ musical, maybe you like to do extreme things and you go for a plane ride over the city or helicopter ride.  Something spectacular to put this date in the history books as one of the best.  I kid above because my husband is taking me the Garth Brooks Concert on the 19th so that is our Anniversary date, now if he can incorporate some of these other ideas it's going to be an amazing night!!


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