Women Crush Wednesday: SDM

I've done these profiles before and I love doing them because I think you should all know about these amazing women and why they are so inspiring to me!  

Around 8 years ago I started working with this woman.  She was spunky, and caring and hard working.  You could tell she was focusing very much on getting her life together for her and her family.  At this time she was married with one son. In all honest truth her personality and happy outlook were almost too much for me, ME! Some of you are cringing as you read this because who could be spunkier or happier than I am, well Miss SDM was, at least she could give me a run for my money.

But as we started to hang out I started to learn more about her and the things I learned, the things she had overcome, well they were amazing.  The fact is the deck was stacked against her, she was fighting her way to the top from the moment she was born.

SDM grew up in a single parent household after she was 2. For the first couple of years she lived with her mother, then situation after situation arose SDM and her younger sibling moved in with her father.  SDM lived with her father and moved with him until she was 16 when she left home and lived on her own. But she wasn't a high school drop out, no she just didn't want to live by her parents rules so she got a job, rented a place and continued to go to school and did graduate, all within the time frame she was supposed to.

Now leaving home when you are 16 isn't the smartest decision but she made that decision and continued to work to improve herself, she could have been one of the negative statistics, she could have dropped out and fallen into drugs, gone into prostitution, but she didn't do most of those things, some, well maybe only one but she still came out on top.

After graduating high school, as I understand it, SDM got into the party life, moved to Calgary started as a nanny and put herself through school at Mount Royal College.  In this time she had a one night stand and got pregnant. Being in her 20s and pregnant was scary so she moved home which is where she met her husband.  It wasn't a story of true love for SDM, it was a story of he can offer me what I seek most, stability and security.

After the birth of her son, she and her husband returned to Alberta for jobs, which is where our lives intersected.  We became fast friends.  I was with her through her divorce (it lasted four years or maybe five), I have been there through her scary possessive relationships, there was one that was certifiable, I have been there through her custody battle which has been a nightmare.

Still SDM is as spunky and positive as she was when we met.  She continues to try to see the positive in every situation, she is a leader and is so driven to reach her goals.  This is a person you need to follow and take notes because she is going places and will be making headlines!!


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