The Bra Lounge

I love shopping local and supporting my local businesses! It's a passion of mine.  As often as I can I shop local.

One of my favourite stores for my lingerie is The Bra Lounge.  The ladies that work there are so amazing and friendly.  And I've never left there not liking my purchase.

I was a little sad I had to go visit them last week.  Not because it isn't a great time but because my last good bra had the underwire snapped in it and I had no other bras.  This wouldn't be a big deal but with surgery in 3 months it felt like I was not going to get my cost per use from my purchase.

So I went in, gave a quick explanation to the ladies and got fitted with some new bras that were ON SALE!!!! I had gone in to spend no more than $110 and had resigned myself to buying maybe only one more to see me through to December.  But because the Bras were on sale I was able to get two, TWO for $107.  It was the BEST news EVER!!

I was worried I would only find one more bra I liked as I went through the selection there weren't many I really liked.  One bra that came out almost looked like a crop top tank, there was a lot of material and I kept thinking nope not that one.  But as I'd gone through all the other bras I figured I may as well try it one, see what it was like.

It is now my favourite bra, it is uber comfortable, it holds my breasts up in a very comfortable position and I am extremely happy!!

So if you are in the Central Alberta area and can make it to the Bra Lounge you got to go in!! Find the right fit for you!!


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