Red Deer Pond Hockey

I swore on all things that I would not be a Hockey mom.  I mean I like hockey, I enjoy watching it, I even enjoy a friendly game of shinny from time to time, but to be a hockey mom, yeah that wasn't something I ever wanted to do.

I remember how much time my Mom had to give of herself when my brother started playing hockey, and I feel that my sister and I missed out on doing some things because my brother had hockey.  Now this could be a misconception on my part, I mean I was young, like 11 or 12 when Nelson started but it was around that time that many of my extra curricular activities stopped as well.  Did the two events happen in conjunction or because of one I don't know.

When my first child was born we really didn't have the funds or opportunities to get involved with hockey so we tried soccer.  I actually liked being a soccer mom, I enjoy the sport and I enjoyed taking my child to his games.  He did well in soccer and played until he was in grade 11.  

Then Lil Man came along and Lil Man loves all sports but he really loves Hockey.  The kid could turn anything into a hockey stick and often did.  We grudgingly (or I) allowed him to start playing pond hockey.  It's a rec league so it is not that competitive and it helps Lil Man build the skills he needs to play hockey.  He has come so far in his understanding of the game, his skills and he loves the game even more now.

We are entering our third year of pond hockey and I am a hockey mom.  I still don't like the early mornings, but that smile on his face, I'd do everything in my power to ensure I see that smile every DAMN DAY!!!

Pond Hockey is great as it's focus is on having fun and building skills and it's not that expensive.  Also it's not a huge time commitment like Minor hockey is. I get that it might bring out two different calibers of players but as long as my child is having fun playing then that is all I need to see!

Does your community offer a Pond Hockey league for little ones?  What sports are your kids involved with?


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