Friday Five: Five Things I Remember from when I was sixteen

Five things I remember from when I was sixteen!!

1) I got my license on June 8 three months after my sixteenth birthday. I remember the dread I felt when my evaluator was Pete, AKA Repeat Pete.  It was also during a big fire up north so there were a lot more people in Prince Albert than usual and I remember Pete telling me at the end of my lesson that I was just on the edge of failing because I hesitated at a corner that had pedestrians at it.  He told me I had 7 or 8 marks off and he could fail me but decided not too. I finally breathed a sigh of relief and did the happy dance into SGI to pick up my new license.

2) I changed schools when I was 16 as well.  I left Rivier Academy behind and went to the Public High School.  I don't regret this decision at all and I had some of my best high school years at Carlton Comprehensive High School.  I don't feel like a missed anything by changing schools although I did lose out on a trip to Europe, but at the end of the day I still think it was the best decision for me!

3) I started my first long distance relationship when I was 16 with a boy from California. I also had my heart broken by a boy from California, not because he did anything wrong but because we both knew the distance was too much for us.  The relationship I started that was a long distance sort of happened by accident. I mean I liked the guy but to say I loved him well that would be wrong because when I met heart break boy he was clean forgotten. I remember disappointing my friends when this happened but I was sixteen and didn't understand those ramifications.  But in the end the long distance didn't work out, he ended up kissing one of my friends in Canada when he came for a visit and he was a little too intense for 16 year old me to handle.

4) I accepted and made a nickname my own at 16.  I don't go by it EVER anymore but when I was 15/16 a group of people began calling me Sharky, because I wore a San Jose Sharks jacket to hockey games.  I embraced the term and for my high school years many of my friends called me Sharky, the group that baptized me with that name, well they had their own name and GB was the President of the LRU.

5) I had my girl friends who were my besties and I also had my best guy friend! He and I got along so well and we had so much fun together.  Things became bad after we broke up but for a whole year he was a solid rock like person in my life!! And even now he's someone I think on very fondly!


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