Baking Storm!!

Every year I tell myself I am going to be super organized and I am going to have lunch snacks pre-made as well and menu plans done for a month and without fail two weeks in everything falls apart and we are back to our rushing at supper to get something made, something we thought of at the last minute.  And well lunch snacks often look like those things you buy from the store in bags that may or may not be full of some very unhealthy chemicals.. (let the mom shaming begin :P)

Life is busy, but I still believe it's important for our sanity and emotional health to try to make things that are easy and won't cause undue stress on the family.  It will also help with our budget to get things into perspective and only shop in our allotted amount each month/week.  So I got a head start this year.

I decided to bake one day, it was the first coolish day of the summer, you could completely smell fall in the air and I thought it would be a good time to start and start I did.  That day I made bread, 4 dozen mini muffins, and 3 dozen muffins. The next day I made 2 dozen mini muffins and 2 dozen muffins as well as 4 dozen cookies.  To say our lunch snacks are prepped is pretty obvious.

I had a lot of fun making all those things over those two days, and I feel a lot more relaxed about packing my kids lunch for school.

We've (read I) decided he can bring a morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch snack.  One snack must be a fruit or vegetable and the other two can be the baking goods we have out that week.

See I was doubly smart because I individually froze each baked good and then I packaged the baked goods into freezer bags so I only have to take them out and have them on the counter for the week.

I've also scheduled into my calendar one weekend in September for me to do a baking spree again to ensure that I have baked goods into October and maybe even get a jump start on my Christmas baking.

What do you guys do for lunch snacks?  Do you every do these baking sprees?


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