Six Weeks Starts again

I enjoy doing six week training programs.  There are a multitude reasons for it but the biggest one for me is that I can see the end at six weeks so it doesn't feel like forever. And in six weeks that's when you or others will start to see a difference.  I read somewhere it takes 6 weeks for others to see the difference and 12 for you to see the difference.  And I think others have seen the difference, my brother who isn't big on complimenting paid me a compliment about looking good last week, so now this six weeks is for me to see the difference.

In my first six weeks I wasn't as focused on my nutrition as I was on working out, towards the end I spent a little more time focusing on my nutrition and I carried that over on my two week break. I don't always take a two week break but I did this time, almost by accident and sort of on purpose.

So let's recap the first six weeks.

I started weighing over 220 lbs and my total body inches equaled 388.25 inches.  The lowest I weighed over that time period was 207 lbs and my final total inches equaled 365.5 inches.  I was able to increase my weights and reps from 10lbs to 15 lbs and reps were up to 15 without a struggle with the 10 lb weights.  I was even able to get up to 60 sit ups/ crunches without total fatigue.

The scale number isn't my favourite number not because it isn't a good showing, but because it means less to me than the other numbers. The fact that I can increase my weights used in my workouts and still maintain the same reps means I am getting stronger I'm building muscle and that is making my body more effective at burning fat.  The fact that I lost over 20 inches by starting to workout then focusing on my nutrition tells me my body is getting more compact because there is more muscle developing and fat is going away.  So my favourite number is the 365.5 total inches, I think that's an amazing number and it totally bypassed my first goal to get to 375 total inches!!

Some honourable mentions to bring forward in the loss category,  saw the biggest loss in inches in my belly and hips region with 3.5 inches lost in each area.  My shoulders saw a loss of 3 inches, I also lost 2 inches from each thigh and 2 inches from the breast area.  Not bad if I do say so myself!!

 Ok so I posted on Instagram (you can follow me @jenn_loves_life) that today was the start of my new six week program and you can check out my before photos there.  I've had so many likes and comments, I know I have cheerleaders on the side lines and I am so thankful that you are with me on this!!

So I am starting at 360 total body inches (YEAH for not going completely off the rails on my two week hiatus) and my scale told me I was 210 lbs this morning.  I am not going to be giving a weight update every two weeks because I don't think it's a good indicator as I mentioned above and if I get to focused on the scale I lose sight of the importance of the other changes which are often more significant.

I've written my goals down again, I'd like to lose a total of 30 more inches to get to 330 total body inches.  I'd also like to lose 15 lbs but this is less significant than the inches.  I am also going to do two workouts at home (I have a new office and workout space I am pumped!!!) and two workouts at a boot camp class.  I am also going to try to get in one 5 km run each week. Although I am not opposed to my two workouts at home being runs either!

So here we go a whole new start!!


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