Summer Fun to begin!! Friday Five

I'm again linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for their Friday Five, I'm a day late, as well I took a mental health break from life just trying to get readjusted to going back to work again after being off for a year!! It's harder than you'd think!!

Today's Friday Five is all about my Five Favourite Activities to do in the summer, so here they are!!

1. Camping! This is new for me, I was never much of a camper, I did enjoy it when I was in high school and lived 30 minutes from the nearest lake, and I even camped in a tent! But as I got older the people I was friends with either didn't like camping or basically we couldn't afford it, so I lost my desire to camp. I for sure lost my desire to camp in a tent!! My husband loves camping, in a tent or camper he's fine either way.  He also likes camping in the bush, like not by a lake!  I don't understand it, I need to be by a lake or some body of water to enjoy camping, just sitting around an area where I pitched a tent or parked my trailer just doesn't seem like that great of a time.  So last year we bought a trailer, it's a nice one 32 feet long, sleeps 8 to 9 people (depending on their size) has a bathroom (necessity but as I came to realize not so much) and a kitchen and an outdoor kitchen.  So we went camping a few times this past summer and I have camping trips booked this summer.  I'm hooked camping is great!! Plus it's  a great time for the family to unplug and just be together!!!

2.Swimming! I love swimming, I will do it all year long, but there is something about swimming at the lake or beach that is just so refreshing and wonderful!! So swimming though I do it all year long is a summer favourite because I can swim outdoors!

3. Picnics! I love getting together for picnics at local parks and hanging with friends and the kids. It's such a great activity and the food is always so yummy!! Plus you get to see how creative other people are with their summer snacks.

4. Barbecues! Much like picnics I love barbecues in the Summer.  My husband will barbecue all year long, but I have a love for summer barbecues. It stems from my childhood, when dad would fire up the briquettes on the barbecue and he'd make us some steaks and potatoes. My mouth literally just watered thinking about it!! We have some great neighbours so now we have suppers together when the weather is nice and barbecue or Smoke (the husbands new fav activity) the meat to serve!  It's great and such a great way to get together with friends.

5. Campfires/Backyard fires! What a wonderful way to end a beautiful summer day!! With a campfire and friends! Stories and tales are shared, along with any number of campfire desserts (banana boats, s'mores, marshmallows) sometimes some one has a guitar and songs are sung or just having the radio play! What can I say, Summer is a wonderful time!!

Honorable mentions: Fairs, rodeos and outdoor concerts!!

What are your favourite things to do in the summer?


  1. I love Barbecues & Camp fires too! Have a Great Summer!! Angela@

    1. Thanks you too!! On my way to stop by your site!!


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