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The word beauty is interesting because it contains some very important information right in the word.  YOU.  You can't say the word beauty without saying the word you in fact beauty is a direction as well. It tells you to Be-you-ty.  I am an english teacher and I know that beauty is an adjective, a word to describe a noun, but what it we started to take beauty as a sentence, that would be a direction from the world.  BE YOU TY(thank you)

Beauty or being beautiful is more about being your authentic self.  Be True to you, stop trying to be what you think others want you to be.  It's such a hard lesson to learn at a young age, but if you can take these words and accept them to be true, it will change your life! Stop trying to be like the popular girl in school, stop trying to be like your best friend, stop saying you like everything your boyfriend likes so you can be 'closer', instead look inside yourself and discover who you are.  The funny thing is these people who you are trying to emulate initially liked you because they saw something in you that they were drawn to.  What they saw was a glimpse of your authentic self, so be you thank you!!

It doesn't matter what other people think, it matters what you think of yourself.  More people will be drawn to an authentic person than to a person of false faces.  And it gets so tiring trying to be someone to everyone, if you can be only person that everyone around you likes, then how much easier would your life be?  Seriously think about it........ did you think about it?  Are you your own authentic person?  Are you doing things in your life for you or because you think someone else wants you to do that?  How great would it be to know that the people around you like you for you, not because you do something for them?

Here's a story from when I was a teenager, not quite back in the stone ages, but you know way back then.

I had a good core group of friends, there were actually two who were my original friends but we each brought one or two other girls into our group.  So in the end there was a group of 7 or 8 of us that hung around very consistently, although there were factions within the group, some of the girls didn't get along with the others as much but on a whole we all go along.

Two of the girls, in hindsight mind you, were not very authentic.  But I remember being so annoyed with them from time to time. I always got the feeling they were SWFing (Single White Female the movie, if you've not seen you should) the person they were closest to that week.  See these two girls would bounce around from a couple girls in our group and they would be very flattering to that girl, in that they would imitate them; from the way they dressed, to the activities they enjoyed, to even how they would take their coffee.

To my teenage self it was annoying because you were always having to learn new quirks or new habits about these girls and when you felt you finally got it they changed again!! Very Frustrating!!  Even when it was me that I felt they were imitating, although this didn't happen very regularly which I was totally fine with.

I found it more frustrating because I did like each girl in our group for very specific reasons that were true to that person.  I liked my girlfriend because she was spunky and outgoing and enjoyed drama, I liked my girlfriend because she was a bookworm and we could share that interest, I like another of my girlfriends because we just melded really well, we had similar interests and we could talk for hours, the fourth girlfriend was very giving and always wanted to help, the fifth girlfriend was outspoken and spoke her mind, you knew what she was thinking, the sixth girlfriend was funny, she had a cool sense of humour and the seventh (the last one to join our group) was kind hearted.  You'd never know unless you really know me, who of these girls were the imitators, but two of them were.

It always felt when they were imitating others in the group they were playing some kind of false game with the rest of us.  Like they were trying to say to the outside world that they were more important to their chosen person then the rest of us were, which can be very maddening to girls who value their social circle.

But my girlfriends that were true to themselves, that were always their authentic selves,  I knew why I liked them, I knew why we were friends, I never questioned their motives and we are still friends to this day.  The two who weren't authentic well we've parted ways, and since then I've ensured that I surround myself with authentic people in my life.

So from now on when you think of beauty, change your mindset to the augmented sentence from above: Be YOU (ThankYou)!


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