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again for their Friday Five Link up.  Today we are talking about our Five things that make us happy. It's like a loaded question, I mean the honest answer is life... but more specifically what about this life makes me happy.

So I started thinking about it, there are many things in my life that make me happy, surprising, or not, they aren't things that make me happy, but activities and people.

1) FAMILY: My family makes me happy. Yes they can drive me crazy, they can frustrate me to the point of wanting to run away at times, but I LOVE them and they make me happy.  How do I know they make me happy?  Mostly, because I recognize that without them I'd be very sad.  Very few people in life can make me smile and feel genuinely peaceful and happy like my family is able to.  So Yes my number one thing that makes me happy is my family.

2) FRIENDS: I love girl time, I love hanging  out with my girlfriends, in the kitchen, out at a restaurant, on the beach, at the park while the little ones play, hanging out with my friends is amazing!! (You should try hanging with us because we are a good time).  My friends are wonderful amazing, some I have known for 30 years, others it's only been a year but it feels like we've been friends forever.  Having laughs and chuckles as we make our way through this crazy ass life makes the insanity of the outside pressures (deadlines at work, unsupportive exes, etc) all the more bearable, because I know they have my back!!

3) YOGA: I really like yoga, I wish I could do it more and do it more at home on my own.  I've got a few great routines that I really like, it's just setting the time aside to do them.  But yoga makes me happy, I can be having a terrible day and 30 minutes of yoga will turn my whole perspective around!!

4) RUNNING: Yup still love it!! I love how I feel when I am running, I love how I feel afterwards and I love how I know that when I put my runners on, it's just about me and the miles, nothing else matters.  All the nattering in my head gets left behind and only the important things stay around.

5) WRITING/READING: This was a tie! I couldn't choose, especially since I go through spurts with both, sometimes I read and will, essentially, devour three books in a week, and then for a period of time I won't read at all.  The same thing goes for writing, I can write and write and write for months on end and then all of sudden I stop. No warning, no reason, well no concrete reason at the time, but when I look back it's usually because things start spinning out of control and writing is something, because it's not a money making activity, that is easy to put off until I get more time to do it.

What are the things that make you happy??


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