Inducing Labour Attempt Two

So in keeping with the documenting of labour induction I attempted to get this baby out again today.

Yesterday's stretching of the membranes did not work. It was uncomfortable and a little painful but no contractions followed. So I have now gone to try the next item on my list. My list, by the way, is not written in any particular order, it's basically what is easiest that day.

Today I tried spicy food. Today is a day I wish I were in California hanging out with Alex and her family because then I would have gotten some real spicy food. Alas, I am in Alberta where we do not get a lot of spicy food. I guess that might not be an accurate statement but there are not a lot of options for spicy food that i enjoy.

My friend Tara came and picked me up and we went to the mall. Tara had to do some shopping and I had to do some walking around and looking for spicy Mexican food. Unfortunately, the only Mexican option was Taco Time. But some type of spicy food is better then nothing. I ordered Mexi Fries and a Beef Burrito. I sampled all the hot sauces and added them to my meal. The mild sauce was more like ketchup then a mild hot sauce. The original was a hot sauce but not really a hot sauce and the diablo hot sauce, though hotter than the other two was not that spicy. However, Taco Time was what I had to work with and I did my best to eat some spicy food. The food was spicy, but so far nothing has happened.

Now I am waiting and I have plans to go out tonight with my brother. We are going to have a great time and as much as I want this baby to come it can wait until after I am done with my plans. There you are Shazzer, I have plans that would make it an inopportune moment for this baby to come. If this works, well then I shall bow down to you.


  1. Have you looked into reflexology? I had it done to clear my sinuses when is was at 37 weeks and she said to come back when I was overdue and they can do something to your feet that causes you to go into labor. Just lie before you make the appt so they think you are overdue and they will do it. Apparently you have to eat 7 entire pineapples for even to be the slightest bit effective. I tried evening primrose oil. I took it in the am, in the pm and was in the hospital about 5 hours later but not sure if it had anything to do with it or not!! Good luck Jen I am rooting for you. If I come across anything else that helps I will let you know!!


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