Raspberry Tea Anyone

So I found some raspberry tea and brought it home to test the raspberry tea inducing suggestion.  So far nothing.  I may have had a contraction or two, but I don't really attribute that to the raspberry tea just to the fact that my due date is 8 DAYS AWAY!!!

See this is my problem, I am impatient.  Completely impatient for waiting for things to happen.  If I want to induce my labour I want to do what they ask and then labour to begin within the hour.  I am aware that it does not work that way, but I really do want it to work that way.  So I have to do some extra research, because I have come to the realization that if some of this theories take some time to get started my labour could become very intense and not fun at all.  For anyone who has been induced with the drugs at the hospital can tell you that when hard labour comes on that quickly it is painful.  Pain and I do not get along so I am going to be forced to do some extra research so that the natural induction theories do not knock me out from pain.

For now I have stuck to the food theories, they seem safest but also I love food so even if labour does not start then I get to enjoy some good food.  

Tonight we have to move furniture, then we have to set up the living room and dining room.  Tonight or this afternoon for that matter might not be the best time to go into labour, but maybe that will make it happen.  Tomorrow evening is also not a good evening for me to go into labour, I have too many shows to watch and well I don't want to be watching them in the hospital.  However with such a busy schedule in front of us, maybe this baby will come out because it will be an inconvenience for us.  

Friday though I am going to try some of the other theories I may even try Castor Oil Again :P


  1. I hope the "natural" inductions work for you. i really really really really really hope you have to be induced. When I was induced, the contractions started fast, hard & severe and I had them both in the front and the back. I honestly wanted to die!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will have your baby soon without being induced by the doctor.

    hopin & wishin for you!!


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