New Year's Resolutions

I have mixed feelings about New Year's resolutions. I mean on the one hand they can be great, but more often then not they are lofty and unattainable and you forget about them by January 15th.

So how does one go about making resolutions that are going to stick. And saying you aren't making any resolutions for the year is in fact making a resolution so that does not count.

I have done many goal setting activities in the past and they all tell you to make goals that are attainable (well if you work at them all goals are attainable generally) make goals specific (losing weight can be specific) make them measurable (starting out at day one of 2017 and where you end up at day 365 of 2017 is measurable) relevant (why would you make a goal that didn't relate to you??) and time sensitive (a year is a time frame), so even those lofty I'm going to eat better for 2017 goals could fit into the SMART acronym of goal setting.

So here are my 2017 goals and things that will appear on my Dream Board!!

1) I will continue to eat within my Macronutrient diet every six weeks re-evaluating my macros and progression until I am able to fit into my size 10 Banana Republic Jeans  (Does it fit the SMART rules?  It's specific to my macro diet, it's measurable since I am measuring my macros and aiming for a specific size of clothing, it is attainable, it is relevant {weight loss for me always seems to be} and it's time sensitive it's for 6 weeks)

2) I will finish my two novels on Wattpad, by dedicating 90 mins a week to writing in either novel.
(Does it fit the SMART rules?  It's specific to books I've started on Wattpad, it's measurable as two novels will be completed, it's attainable probably since one is half finished and the other is well on it's way, it's relevant, this is a dream of mine to be a published author and I did finish one novel on Wattpad this year!! It's time sensitive it's for the year dedicating 90 mins a week to the task of writing)

3) I am going to live on a cash diet of $600 a month, this will include my gas, my portion of food and any extras for myself, allowing me to save up to $150 a month to put into RRSPs.  (Does this fit the SMART rules?  Specific check, Measurable check, Attainable check, Relevant double check, Time sensitive maybe...)

Things I am adding to my dream board

Savings of $500 in my bank account at all times
Savings of $1200 in my TFSA
Parks Canada Trips (Since the Parks Canada passes are now Free for the year)
Trip to SFO
Student loans paid off!!

To be successful your desire for success must be larger than your fear of failure! BCosby


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