I was a lingerie model

Months ago I posted about The Bra Lounge. The only place in town I could find bras to fit the sisters into.  When you are a 36 H buying at The Bay is never an option!!

So I was able to find two new bras from the Bra Lounge even though I was going in for surgery in two or so months. Then they had this post on twitter a call for models, women of every size who loved their body just the way it was so I immediately volunteered.

See when I was younger I always wanted to be a model or an actress, but I never really knew how to get past my insecurities to go out an pursue this venture.  So then modelling became a bucket list item.  And I know I could model my own products and stuff but what fun is that I wanted to do an event, something that either for a magazine or an event.

Now I didn't know if they'd call me back, because maybe I didn't fit their idea for a model, but I was willing to put myself out there.  And in the end, out there is where I put myself.

I was called to participate in an event The Bra Lounge was putting on as a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and my friend Kelly who is very involved with CF Canada was there. I was beyond happy that I got to participate in this event with Kelly reaping the rewards.

We had hair and make up done for us then we walked the runway to six different sets. Modelling is a lot like giving birth, if you had any modesty when you went in, you left it all on the floor with your underwear at the end of the night. There is no time for modest changes, you get off the stage and as fast as you can you change your outfit for the next look!! What an eye opening experience and the other women I was modelling with, they were AMAZING, WONDERFUL women.  And the girls at the Bra Lounge are phenomenal.

Even though I will be getting my breast reduction and moving back into regular cup sizes I will still shop at the Bra Lounge because I love to shop local!!

Here are some pictures from that night!!!

 So ladies and gentleman, it's never to late to go out and live your dream!! Do something that scares you, you never know who may be watching and who will think you are the bravest soul around!! Be the role models you were meant to be!!

What have you done that scares you??


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