California Part 3 (kinda in Nevada too)

July 6th, our fourth day in the Golden State, began our journey to Lake Tahoe.  My cousin drove me to the car rental place and I picked up our rental car.  I got a Kia Optima, it wasn't that bad, but after the expense of renting cars and everything I have determined that for a family of four to travel it is probably cheaper to travel via car.  Flying is great, but with all the travelling we had already done within the Bay Area, it would have been much easier to have had our own car. 

So we were heading up to Tahoe for three days.  I was feeling crappy because I had gotten sick after the A's game, I believed it was because I had eaten quite a large quantity of greasy food that day.  Turns out it may have been a virus because everyone got it at different times afterwards.  It was not a fun virus to have. 

As we were driving through Vacaville, we made a stop at the Outlet mall (Hi Becky, we did make it to the Outlets but didn't spend much time here because I much prefer the Outlets in Gilroy).  I picked up some sunglasses and a watch.  We bought some clothes for Little Man and Adrian bought himself some clothes as well.  Then we began our drive up to Tahoe.  It was a two hour drive, but it didn't seem to take that long.  I drove the entire way and I didn't get lost, thanks to the GPS we also rented. 

We went to the beach after we checked into our hotel room.  I love Lake Tahoe, it is so clear and pristine.  I can't even begin to tell  you how much I love that place.  I am always overcome with a sense of peace when I am there.  After spending an hour at the beach we decided it was time to eat.  I took Ade and Chan to the Forest Buffet in Harrah's casino.  It was fabulous again!!  After supper we hung out in the casino and in the arcade.  I think everyone had a good time. 

The next day we walked around Tahoe, just walked around. I found Chan again after we got him a haircut (he was starting to resemble Justin Bieber and so we joked that he was J. B. until after his haircut).  Then we talked with Tahoe Mountain Wedding Chapel about our wedding.  She gave us some venues to check out and some accommodations to speak with about setting up group rates.  We then went to check them out, but then it was time for supper. 

The next day before we left Tahoe we checked out some more areas and photographed those areas for possible wedding sites.  Ade and I both agreed that Reagan Beach would be the best location for us, but that we want to go out and have pictures taken at some of the other Lake Tahoe locations.  It is such a splendidly beautiful place!!!

After it was back to the Bay Area.  No thanks to the GPS which took us on the back roads.  It was ridiculous what should have been a two and half hour trip back took us three and half hours almost four hours.  I was not happy, but we saw some great sites and maybe in the future we will visit those places, but I just wanted to get to Tracy to relax and Little Man was not enjoying being in his car seat for that long.


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