California Part 1

We left for California on July 2.  It was Adrian's first vacation but we had all been on planes before.  Lucky Adrian got to fly for work :P.  The first frustration at the airport happened when we arrived.  I attempted to sign us in via the self serve terminals, however, because Little Man is an infant that did not happen.  So in line we stood.  After tagging our baggage and the stroller and car seat we were on our way.  It took some time to get going because she had to enter all our names into the computer and since last names are all different she had to type it all in. 

Then it was off to customs. I was dreading customs, I always dread customs, because so many times we have problems with customs.  Because Chan's last name is not the same as mine questions are asked, and now I was beginning to feel that because we (Chan and I) were travelling with Adrian (another different last name) that we would have more explaining to do.  But my worrying was for naught.  We were barely questioned and they didn't even ask to see the letter from Chan's dad.  The American Custom's agents never do, it's getting back into Canada that seems to pose the problem.

Finally we were waiting on the other side of security and waiting to board our plane.  The plan ride was fairly uneventful and then we landed in San Francisco.
chan reading his book, schools out and now he reads?!?!

Upon finally arriving in Newark, we got some picnic supplies and headed out to the park to have supper with my friend Vanessa and her children. (Newark is significant to me because that is where I spent every summer of my childhood. My dad lived in the house I was born in until 2005 or 2006.  So I wanted to share with Adrian that part of my childhood.) 

We met Vanessa and her children at the lake in Newark.  We had a great visit then it was back to the Carlos' house, the house right next door to my dad.  Three bedroom windows actually open out and look onto my dad's bedroom window.  I didn't think about the effect being in that house would have on me now that my dad has passed on, but it was not a fun feeling.  After hanging out for a bit we decided to head out to the Carlos Ranch for the evening. 

We spent the night and until 3 pm at the Carlos Ranch.  It was my first visit and it was so relaxing and there was so much to do.  Chan swam with Osc for 4 hours, he got a bit of a burn.  Ade and I took Little Man swimming and we even had him swing in a hammock as well.  Afterwards my cousin JD came and picked us up and we headed out to the Vacaville area.  Here are some photos from our stay!!
More about our trip in another post!!!


  1. Looks like your trip started off great! Can't wait to hear more about it and see some photos from Lake Tahoe! Shopping was ridiculous at the outlets in Vacaville - were you able to stop there??


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