California Part 2

So we spent the Fourth of July with my cousins.  We had a barbecue and Darlene, Dave and their kids came over from Tracy. Unfortunately,  no one else was able to come out as they already had plans, but we had a great time.  The kids played, the girls got to visit, the boys visited and we got to watch some pretty awesome fireworks right on the Delta. 
The next day we hung out with my cousins and went down to the ocean. As Ade had never been to the ocean it was something we had to do.  We were not able to get down to Santa Cruz, but we made it to Stintson Beach.  It was overcast but it was a super nice beach.  The children played in the ocean, Little Man was not a huge fan as it was pretty cool, Ade dipped his feet in and then took pictures of the waves crashing the shore.  Chan looked for sea creatures and actually found a couple.  That's my oldest, always finding strange creatures.  We drove right by the Nascar race track in Vallejo and right by Six Flags on our way out. It was a fun afternoon at the beach.

That evening we went to the Oakland A's game.  They were starting a home series against the New York Yankees.  We had great seats, right along the third base line.  The A's didn't win, but they played a good game.  They kept Jeter and A-Rod from making it to base, and I think that was a great thing.  Considering that the following two games were not good for A's fans.  We also got commemorative baseballs after the game. 
On another note, I want to comment how great most drivers are in leaving event venues.  Most people are patient and take their turns while driving, alternating as they make their way to the exits.  With that being said, there is always that one idiot.  Lucky for us (tongue in cheek) this guy decided to try to force his way into the line by driving over the parking lines and then he tried to edge his way in front of my cousin JD.  JD did not let him in, but he did hit JD's car.  There was no damage to JD's car, but the guy got a big scratch on his beemer and a chewing out from my cousin's wife. 


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