First Holiday of the summer :S

So today marks the first day of the holidays for me.  Yes I am starting early, but that is the joy of being on Maternity leave, the whole year is a holiday.  I am flying with Little Man to Saskatchewan today so I am planning to make periodic updates, I am hoping to update my blog at least once a day if not more than that.  Maybe if I start updating it more I can get some more readers, and if not at least I will get more practice at writing.

Little man and I are flying out of Edmonton.  We shall arrive in Saskatoon at 5:40 tonight.  We are just going to hang out with my mom and grandma tonight, but we shall see how travelling alone with an infant works out for me. 

I think it may be a little frustrating as I have to haul all my own luggage and stuff into the airport.  It's amazing how much stuff you have to pack for a baby, and I didn't even pack everything because I figured  I would just buy some stuff to keep at my mom's (diapers).  I will write later to let everyone know how it goes, if any one has any suggestions for travelling alone with an infant please send them my way!!!


  1. get a wealthier hubby so he can go on more holidays with you???? this is my suggestion. Just kidding. LOL. Please dont leave....


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