How I met..... Laleh

There are times in life when you meet people and have no idea how instrumental they will be in your life.  That's how I feel about when I met Laleh.

Going into grade 8 was a year of changes.  After 7 years in one school I had moved schools, was travellling away from home daily and returning home daily after my ride was off work, and riding the city bus from time to time.  So many grown up changes were occuring and all because I had chosen to go to a private school.  I began attending Rivier Academy in grade eight.  It is a private all girls school run by Sisters (nuns). 

I remember that first day of school. My ride dropped me off at the front gate, and I walked inside the school.  It was 8 am and I had an hour before school would begin.  I wandered around the hallways and found my classroom.  So I went into the classroom and sat down at a desk.  I was nervous and scared I would be the only new person in the class.  As I waited new people came in, some said hi to me, some looked at me then saw a friend and began talking to them.  I noticed other people with the same look in their eyes that I felt was in mine and relaxed.  I was not the only new person to be starting at Rivier Academy. 

I distinctly remember when Laleh entered the classroom.  She had curly hair and I came from a small Ukranian town, so when I saw Laleh I knew she was of an ethnic decent I had never encountered before. I was intrigued.  She was very quiet, which seems funny now since I know her so well, but that first day Laleh spent more time watching and listening then talking.  At least that's how I remember it.

Laleh and I began talking and hanging out.  She lived up by the RCMP detachment and would walk with me there while I waited for my ride to finish work.  We realized we had many things in common and it was nice to have met some one who had some life experiences similar to mine.  We both came from divorced households, although her mother had remarried.  We both had younger siblings, her's were much younger.  We both spent summers with our dad's on the west coast, she in Vancouver, myself in California.

Over the years Laleh and I have had some pretty intense disagreements and fights.  But over time we have always began talking again and mended those bridges.  It's great having Laleh has a friend and I am sure there will be many more adventures to come!!!


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