May one day one

Oh man holding to this commitment is going to harder than I thought, mostly because it is going to be tough breaking my unmotivating habits.  Television, I am talking to you!!

But I'm doing it now, and yes Chicago Fire Is playing on the background, so this five minute post may take longer than the five minutes because the excitement of the show is drawing my attention.

So this morning I woke up with only the thought that I had to go into work to get my lessons planned for the next week.  See I'm teaching again and teachers work on weekends.  I try to do it as little and I frequently as possible but it's something that has to happen.  

My wonderful husband got up with the kids and had breakfast ready when I rolled out of bed. He can be such a sweetheart sometimes, most of the time.  So after a breakfast of elk sausage and farm eggs I packed up my bag and headed to school.

I got right to work at school, Faith Hill Greatest Hits playing on my iPhone.  I worked for eighty minutes and then I strapped on my running gear (earphones, etc) and headed out the door.  I ran for five kilometres.  It was not my best run, but it wasn't my worst, and I can only get bette from here on out.

While I was running I kept thinking that I need to do this more.  I love running, it's just me and the pavement, not necessarily going anywhere in particular but just trying to cover the designated distance.  At 2.3 km my calves started to seize up.  I tried to stop to stretch them out but that just hurt more so I pushed through and they loosened up.  Around then I was thinking I must be crazy to be doing this running nonsense and I should never do this again.  Then around 4 km I was like nope this is great, keep going you've got this! And I did!! Kilometres 3 and 4 were the worst but kilometre 5 was a definite improvement.

After my run I worked for another 90 minutes and I feel comfortable going into next week, that even though it's new and we've not done this before, I think it's going to be great and the kids are going to love it!

 Also finished my grocery shopping and got all my lunches packed for the week. Lil man and I even took a drive back to the school to put my food in the fridge.  

I also do thirty minutes of yoga, and my body was ever so thankful! It was a great day, 

So we've started out with a bang, hopefully I can keep the momentum going and then get trained and healthy for the rest of my life!!


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