Kids Yoga

Back in April I signed Lil Man up for Yoga. My boy is a very active little guy and sometimes I think he needs to learn tools to help centre himself.  Since Yoga has been so great to me ( I'll get back at it I promise once I get paid) I thought this might be something that Lil Man would enjoy.

I was right!! He loves it, every Tuesday he is ready to go hauling my pink yoga matt out of the van, taking his friend Miss S's hand and off they go into 45 minutes of yoga bliss.  He loves it so much, he comes home and 'teaches' me yoga.  I am hoping he can find a few poses he feels comfortable doing when he is getting worked up at school.  He will sit in a meditative pose from time to time, so who knows.

The Kid's Yoga is offered at Universoul.  It is such a great facility and it offers so many unique and fun classes. If you haven't checked out Red Deer's newest Yoga studio you should stop in!!  Starting June 2 they have another 4 week Kids Yoga class and Lil Man is signed up already!! 

Would your kids like to join Yoga?  Check out the Little Souls class at Universoul, I promise you they will love it!!


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