Dear Prince T

It feels like only yesterday the doctor put you in my arms all wrapped in a blanket. I was so confused when Dr. Du Ploy announced your weight, because I was sure you were going to be bigger.  But you were the perfect size!! You were and still are perfect.

It's been the most amazing year with you in our life! You bring joy to everyone around you!  Your smiles are contagious and there is always a hint of mischievousness behind your eyes.

You have the same determination that your older brother, Lil Man had, but you have the chill disposition that Chandler had. If anything you are a very nice hybrid of your two older brothers, making you your very own person.

You love music and love to dance. Anytime music is on you are singing away and dancing to the beat. You have great rhythm already.

Though you aren't walking yet, you definitely motor around crawling.  You are up stairs constantly and are always looking for an escape route.  It is your new favourite game!  If you'd only listen and learn to go downstairs then we'd be rolling right along, but you refuse to go anyway but head first down the stairs.  No mater how many times I show you, you just sit at the top of the steps and yell until someone comes to rescue you. It's usually Lil Man, so know that you had your brother wrapped around your finger for a short time.

You are talking up a storm, just the words aren't always words we understand. You say Mama and Dada and baba most.  But you will often be heard saying Bra (for brothers) and Ler for Chandler.  It is very apparently you are ready to start talking.  I don't know what I will do with two little motor mouths, I may have to learn to be quiet sometimes haha.

You weren't the most cooperative at your cake smash, had no desire to touch or eat the cake, I don't know why it was very tasty.  Then you didn't even want to sit on the grass, it was a rough day for you I guess!! It's hard work turning one!

We celebrated your birthday with family and friends.  You were ok for most of the party but did have a nap right before it began and woke up half an hour later so it wasn't a big nap.  Once we put food in front of you though you were happy.  And you birthday Rice Crispy Cake was a smash for you, you definitely enjoyed that one!!

Well my dear sweet little boy, I write this with love and know that I love you to the ends of the universe and beyond!! You are a most cherished and loved little guy and I am so glad I get to be your Momma and watch you grow!!


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