Reaching my goals!!

So I have to write all my goals down and work them all out so I can post them in my room, on the fridge and by the computer, maybe even in my car, since these are the areas in my house where I spend a lot of time.  I have decided that I have all I need in order to reach these goals, all I have to do is put the time and effort into them. 

Whoever thinks that working for yourself is as simple as staying at home and occasionally going out to do home parties, is mistaken.  It does take work to run your own business, but if you work it like a business you can get it done, and see the rewards for that business.  If I expect my business to just work itself, then it won't happen, but if I decide what I want for my business then put in that amount of time I will see the rewards.  For example if I want an extra $500 a month for myself in spending money, that means I have to do at least 2 shows a month, with each show being an average show of just over $500.  I will have to do the actually shows which are 3 hours each, and I will have to do some calls before the shows to set them up and to confirm with my hostess.  I should also meet with each hostess and help her to have a successful show.  After the show I may have to spend some time phoning some guests who were unable to attend to try to book more shows or set up more sales.  I would say on average I should spend 5 hours per show so I would have to work 10 hours to make an extra $500 a month.  It can be that simple as long as I work at it.   Can your job allow you work that little for that much??

So since I want to pay off my credit cards in a year, and I want to also go and get married without accumulating the national debt, I have to figure out how much I need to make extra each month, and then how much I have to work each month/ then week/ then day so I can accomplish my goals.  I am looking forward to the challenge.

I am sure if I can get this resolve going, I can build my business and develop the discipline to sit down and finish that novel I wish to write and have published lol.

Wish me luck!!!  And as I succeed in my goals I will keep you informed


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