Goals for the next year of my life

Goals, goals goals!!!
I have narrowed down some goals that I would like to accomplish by the time I turn another year older.  That means I have less than 365 days in which to accomplish these goals, and I have to make out a plan so I can stick to these goals.

I have divided the goals into 4 categories, family, health, wealth and job.

My family goal is this: Plan and go on a family vacation somewhere warm after the wedding.
    This vacation will be somewhere warm and mostly likely during the November break if Adrian can take the time off.  This vacation has to be completely paid for in advance so that we do not end up with extra accumulated debt when we return.  This trip will not be attached to our wedding plans.  I am thinking Disneyland, or Victoria.

My health goal: To reach my desired size and/ or goal weight and maintain that goal weight and/ or size for 6 months.
     This health goal will have me focus on maintaining healthy eating habits and healthy exercising habits even while on vacation. This will work in conjunction with my One to 1 Fitness workouts!

My wealth goal: To pay off all outstanding debts and to work on living on a cash basis.
    This goal will be worked on one credit card at a time, and one loan at a time.  I will focus on making double my minimum payments, and then paying off one card extra at a time.  This way I can eliminate credit cards except for when I want to make an online purchase knowing the cash is in my account or for when there are emergencies with the house or vehicles.  I have a few credit cards and two student loans that need to be paid off.  Credit cards will be first!

My job goal: To have a full time contract for the next school year by June 15th with my teaching career.  The second part of this goal is to maintain consistency for 6 months with my Fifth Avenue Collection business and to increase that consistency to maintaining a purchase volume of $1000 per month for 6 months afterwards.
   This goal will be reached by getting a minimum of 3 parties outside myself a month, holding an open house/ special event weekend once a month, doing one community event a month and receiving 2 referrals from friends once a month.  I will then expand my business base so that I can continue to grow and thrive within my business at a level with which I am comfortable.


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